Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – «MARUEEB»

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4-5/10/2018 IV International Conference «Safety Problems of Civil Engineering Critical Infrastructures» Safety2018 & A specific limited session of the Conference is held in the framework of the dissemination and sustainability actions of the international project ERASMUS+ 561890-2015 "MARUEEB - Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Building for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders". A specific limited session of the conference will be deployed as coordination meeting of the MARUEEB project»

16-18/05/2018 Lectures by Prof. Aram Gevorgyan in Yekaterinburg

15-16/ 05/2018 Sustainability international meeting with Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation hosted by RAASN ‐ Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences in Moscow

10-11/05/2018 Lectures by Prof. Vincenzo Bianco in Yekaterinburg

23-24/04/2018 Lectures by As.Prof. Irina Matveeva in Yekaterinburg

9-13/04/2018 Lectures by Prof. Sergio Nardini in Yekaterinburg

1-7/03/2018 Lectures by Prof. Michal Krajcik in Yekaterinburg

5-8/12/2017 Lectures by Dr. Irina Kliopova in Yekaterinburg


22/11/2016 will be held the Genoa session of the MARUEEB intensive course

First set of Intensive retraining course for junior teaching staff from Russian and Armenian Universities

3-4/10/2016: 1st coordination meeting in Yerevan at NPUA and AUA

Workshop in Genoa

Workshop in Yekaterinburg

27-29/6/2016 EU expertise visit to TSTU on "Innovative learning / teaching and evaluation methods" by Prof. Antonella Lotti (UNIGE) and Fabrizio Bracco (UNIGE) (with the participation also of VSUACE staff)

Workshop in Kaunas

Workshop in Iaşi

Seminar «Harmonization of academic approaches aimed at developing the new master study programmes»

13-16 April Tambov State Technical University took the foreign professors who conducted a series of training seminars on the theme: "Innovative technologies of development and implementation of educational programs" in the framework of Erasmus +

The Expertise Visit of EU Teaching Staff at VSUACE (Voronezh, Russia).

L. Boswell, member of the Administrative Council of EUCEET Association (European Civil Engineering Education and Training)

Kick-off meeting