Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – «MARUEEB»



5-8/12/2017 Lectures by Dr. Irina Kliopova in Yekaterinburg

On December 5-8, 2017, in Yekaterinburg, Russia CP expert, Associated Professor of Institute of Environmental Engineering, KTU (Kaunas, Lithuania), Dr. Irina Kliopova in the frame of Program «Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders» (MARUEEB) delivered following lectures:
1. Application of Cleaner Production (CP) methods for energy efficiency (RECP);
2. The development of environmental impacts assessment (EIA), incl. public health impacts assessment (PHIA) in EU;
3. Industrial ecology – main tool for sustainable industrial development. Examples of application of process integration and industrial symbiosis for energy efficiency;
4. Integrated waste management (IWM) for sustainable urban planning. Examples of IWM on company and regional level.
Lectures were attended by first year master students of «Master’s Degree Program in Building Design for Sustainable Development». Student of others Masters programs in Civil Engineering and several professors of Institute of Civil Engineering were also present at these lectures. After the lecture all attendees received certificates of participation.

18-21/ 09/2017 Coordination meeting in St. Petersburg

The meeting was attended by 60 people: representatives of 5 Russian universities; 2 Armenian universities; universities of Genoa (Italy), Solermo (Italy), Iasi (Romania), Kaunas (Lithuania) and others; employers and experts.

In the first part of the meeting, all universities reported on the results of the project that was achieved over the past year.  Representatives of all Russian and Armenian universities reported.

The results of the project that was achieved:

  • In four Russian and two Armenian universities, master's programs have been established within the framework of the project;
  • 8 textbooks and a glossary have been prepared for publication;
  • Young teachers successfully completed an intensive course at the University of Genoa and the University of Bratislava;
  • The project is successfully positioned in the Russian and Armenian mass media, at international forums and conferences;
  • The website of the project is developed.

Further, the young teachers reported the results of their scientific work. All works received a positive evaluation, and the participants of retraining course received certificates.

In the final part, the project participants discussed plans for further activities within the framework of the project.

3/04/2017 Continuation of empowerment courses: study visit to Bratislava


The group of junior staff from Russian and Armenian universities participating in MARUEEB will go to Bratislava at Slovak University of Technology from 3rd to 14th April to continue their empowerment process. They will meet local experts and attend courses and workshops related to the  enhancement of energy efficiency in buildings, including fundamentals of environmental protection. 

22/11/2016 will be held the Genoa session of the MARUEEB intensive course

Рrogramme for the event of Tuesday 22nd November, concluding the Genoa session of the MARUEEB intensive course:

  • Beginning of the session at 09:30 in "aula Pellitteri". Each of the ten groups will deliver (file and possibly hard copy) the final draft of the works ("case studies") that Prof. Vincenzo Bianco has appointed to you. Furthermore, you have to briefly discuss such works by ppt slide (6 slides of contents +  one with title, see below). You have max 6 minutes to discuss your presentation.
  • The commission which will discuss the works will be composed by: Prof Vincenzo Bianco, Prof Luca Tagliafico, Prof Gustavo Capannelli or his/her delegate.
  • Once discussed the works, there will be the ceremony of delivery of the individual attendance certificates. As already agreed, the ECTS certification will be awarded in next Autumn 2017, after attending the course sessions in Bratislava and Kaunas and after completing the planned activities with your own local stakeholders.
  • The ceremony will see also the presence of the UNIGE vice-rector for international relations and, maybe, representatives of local media. At this aim, we warmly invite to appoint, decided by yourselves, four (4) of you for a brief interview (in English). At the end of the ceremony a small buffet is foreseen.
  • As you will be back at your home institution, we will contact your reference teachers in order to promptly agree the topics of the individual project works that you have to develop from your departure on. Of course these project works can be based upon the above-mentioned case studies, as well as the arrangement in different work groups can be agreed.
  • ASAP you will receive the ppt slide template (as title slide) for the presentation of your case-study.


First set of Intensive retraining course for junior teaching staff from Russian and Armenian Universities


On 10th of October first set of Intensive retraining course for junior teaching staff from Russian and Armenian Universities will start. This set of retraining course will take 40 day and consists of 240 hours of front lectures equivalent to 24 ECTS. Attendees will study several modules: Standardization of the skills, Analysis and Development of Energy Systems, Fundamentals of Thermal Engineering, Buildings Physics, Energy Management, E.U. dimension of Higher Education and Socioeconomic framework. There will be Intensive course introduction, tests, "in itinere" monitoring activity, project work support activity.
From Russian and Armenian Universities this set of retraining course will be attended follow junior teachers: Anoshin Nikita (Ural Federal University), Arakelyan Andranik (National Polytechnic University of Armenia), Ben Ohanian Norayr (American University of Armenia), Gafiiatullina Nailia (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University), Guloyan Gevorg (American University of Armenia), Khachatryan Ruben (National Polytechnic University of Armenia), Lednova (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University), Levchenko Artem (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering), Maltceva Kseniia (Ural Federal University), Mamontov Aleksandr (Tambov State Technical University), Mamontov Semen (Tambov State Technical University), Matis Kirill (South Ural State University), Popov Ivan (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering), Prokshits Ekaterina (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering), Semenov Konstantin (South Ural State University), Shamamyan Yervand (National Polytechnic University of Armenia), Sharovarova Ekaterina (Ural Federal University), Strulev Sergei (Tambov State Technical University), Suzyumov Alexander (Tambov State Technical University), Vedishcheva Iuliia (Ural Federal University), Zolotukhina Iana (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering).

Anoshin Nikita(Ural Federal University)
Arakelyan Andranik(National Polytechnic University of Armenia)
Ben Ohanian Norayr(American University of Armenia)
Gafiiatullina Nailia(St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)
Guloyan Gevorg(American University of Armenia)
Khachatryan Ruben(National Polytechnic University of Armenia)
Lednova(St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)
Levchenko Artem(Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
Maltceva Kseniia(Ural Federal University)
Mamontov Aleksandr(Tambov State Technical University)
Mamontov Semen(Tambov State Technical University)
Matis Kirill(South Ural State University)
Popov Ivan(Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
Prokshits Ekaterina(Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
Semenov Konstantin(South Ural State University)
Shamamyan Yervand(National Polytechnic University of Armenia)
Sharovarova Ekaterina(Ural Federal University)
Strulev Sergei(Tambov State Technical University)
Suzyumov Alexander(Tambov State Technical University)
Vedishcheva Iuliia(Ural Federal University)
Zolotukhina Iana(Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering)

3-4/10/2016: 1st coordination meeting in Yerevan at NPUA and AUA

Consortium had a two day meeting in Yerevan the 3rd-4th October 2016. During this meeting the partners established the editorial board for the development of the teaching material to be used during the upcoming MARUEEB master courses.

The members of the editorial board are Prof. Vincenzo Bianco (UNIGE), Prof. Vladimir Alekhin (URFU), Prof. Ruben AGHGASHYAN (NPUA), Prof. Marina Shitikova (VSUACE) and Prof. Alen Amirkhanian (AUA). Nine volumes will be developed containing teaching aids for the subjects included in the master courses and they will represent a tailored guide for the master students.

Workshop in Genoa

26th – 29th July 2016 in Genoa, Italy, workshop for revision of the Programme Handbooks took place. On 26th of July E.U. expert, Prof. Declan Kennedy, University College Cork gave lectures for in-depth analysis of Learning Outcomes (“Learning Outcomes - The International Language for describing programmes in Higher Education Institutions”, “How do we write Module Learning Outcomes and Programme Learning Outcomes?”, “Learning Outcomes and Competences - How are they related?” and “How do we design programmes to ensure that Learning Outcomes are linked to Teaching and Learning Activities and to Assessment?”). After this lectures there were separate sessions of Programme Handbooks (PHBs) revision. In the result of fruitful discussion educational objectives, generic and professional competences were formulated.

At the and of workshop Intermediate project coordination meeting focused on the planning of the next project activities was held.

Workshop in Yekaterinburg


On July 7 2016 in UrFU, Yekaterinburg, brief workshop took place. Representatives of European Universities (UPC, STUB, KTU, CINECA, UNIGE), of stakeholders (Uralprojectdubrava and Atomstroycomplex), faculty member and post-graduated students of UrFU and SUSU took participation in this workshop. Professor Alfredo Squarzoni gave two lectures («European Dimension of Higher Education Study- Programmes» and «Programme Learning Outcomes for the Academic Domain Engineering»). All participant discussed Programme Handbooks.

The meeting between Angelo Musaio and professors from Indian Universities (Patel Vikram Mohanbhai, Gujarat Technological University , and Kushal Thool, Vishvanikitan IMEET Engineering College) took place during workshop. Possible collaboration between European and Indian Universities was discussed.

27-29/6/2016 EU expertise visit to TSTU on "Innovative learning / teaching and evaluation methods" by Prof. Antonella Lotti (UNIGE) and Fabrizio Bracco (UNIGE) (with the participation also of VSUACE staff)

Workshop in Kaunas


On 26.06.2016 – 02.07.2016 series of workshops took place in Kaunas Technology University (KTU), Lithuania. Representatives of KTU gave several lectures about the quality management system of educational process in Lithuania, KTU experience in the development and implementation of programs and individual modules related to sustainable development and energy efficiency, the activities of JSC «ViaCon Baltic Pipe» in the field of construction, environmental protection, water and waste management, successful experience and innovation of JSC "Kelproektas" in the practical application of environmental engineering and infrastructure projects, Teaching Strategies at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. During workshops participants formulated the aim of the Study Programs, the main (key) program learning outcomes, selected the methods of learning outcomes assessment, formed list of basic and elective modules, aimed to achieve the program learning outcomes related to sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Program meetings in Kaunas were provided visits to stakeholders and to the laboratories of KTU (JSC «ViaCon Baltic Pipe», JSC "Kelproektas", Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture didactical laboratories.)

Workshop in Iaşi

On June 19-25 Universities of consortium faculty staff took part in workshop in Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi, Romania. There were fruitful discussions of Programme Handbooks content and structure. All participants from Russian and Armenian Universities presented theirs Master Programme Handbooks and Characteristics of the Course Units, while Romanian made their suggestions on descriptions of learning outcomes, teaching and learning methods and teaching techniques. All participants attended lectures within a framework of International Summer School (Advances in Heat transfer enchantment: from basic to nano). 

14 - 17/6/2016 EU expertise visit to SPBPU


  • "European Dimension of Higher Education Study-Programmes, and on Programme Learning Outcomes for the Academic Domain Engineering" by Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni.
  • "New teaching methodologies" with specific reference to "TLA“ (Teaching-Learning-Assessment methods)" by Prof. Antonella Lotti (UNIGE)
  • "Definition of the Programme Learning Outcomes and associated TLA methods for a Master study-programme relevant with the MARUEEB topics" by Prof. Diego Lo Presti, Alfredo Squarzoni and Antonella Lotti (UIGE)
  • "Definition of a Programme Handbook for a Master study-programme relevant with the MARUEEB topics" by Prof. Diego Lo Presti (EUCEET) and Alfredo Squarzoni
  • "Quality Assurance of Study-Programmes in the European Higher Education Area" by Prof. Diego Lo Presti and Alfredo Squarzoni

7/6/2016 EU expertise mobility to TSTU on "Learning Outcomes for Study Programmes" given by Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni (with the participation also of VSUACE staff)

Seminar «Harmonization of academic approaches aimed at developing the new master study programmes»


On May 23-24, 2016 seminar on the theme «Harmonization of academic approaches aimed at developing the new master study programmes» took place in Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg.

Foreign professors from universities of Genoa (Italy), Kaunas (Lithuania), Iasi (Roumania) and their Russian colleagues participated in the seminar. Basic issues and problems of new Master Programmes formulation with stakeholders requirements to learning outcomes for project «Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders» were discussed.

Seminars participants visited Ural Federal University’s laboratories and stakeholder’s factories: «Teplit» factory of «Atomstroycomplex», which produces energy-efficient materials for thermal shell of buildings with man-made materials; «Uralprojectdubrava» – leading architectural design company of the Ural region; Environmental Department of the Ekaterinburg’s Youth Palace, which are involved in school students environmental education and joint researches of soil, water and air ecology with UrFU students and master's students.

On May 25, seminars participants took part in II International Conference «Safety Problems of Civil Engineering Critical Infrastructures» and got Certificates of attendance. Professor Vincenzo Bianco made the report on the theme «Teaching Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The case of MARUEEB project».

2-6/5/2016  EU expertise visit to AUA and NPUA

"EU dimension of designing of study-programmes and Quality Assurance" by Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni (UNIGE) and Prof. Diego Lo Presti (EUCEET).
"Specific professional subjects related to the MARUEEB Master-programme and focus on Programme handbooks requirements and preliminary drafting" by Prof. Luca Tagliafico (UNIGE)
"Innovative TLA (teaching-learning-assessment) methods: active learning and problem-based learning and practical session" by Antonella Lotti (UNIGE).
To this expertise visit the partners from KTU, STUBA and IASI also partecipated with their presentations on "The teaching offer on the MARUEEB subjects"

13-16 April Tambov State Technical University took the foreign professors who conducted a series of training seminars on the theme: "Innovative technologies of development and implementation of educational programs" in the framework of Erasmus +


On April 15 a round table with stakeholders of the construction industry of the Tambov region and professors  of Italian, Slovakian and Lithuanian universities was held as part of  the international seminar .   

The event is one of the first stages in the implementation of the international project Erasmus +  «Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – MARUEEB ».

Elena Bugrova, Deputy General Director of NP SRO "Tambov Union of builders", Vladimir Ledenev, director of the SEC " Building’s protection from negative external and internal physical effects" and Sergey Zemtsov, General Director of "Archgrado" took part in the round table.

Stakeholders  expressed their opinions about the most important knowledge and competencies must be got by Master graduates to be successfully recruited and to have an opportunity to realize their careers in the field of energy-efficient construction. Stakeholders  have agreed to collaborate  and actively participate in the preparation of highly qualified personnel.

The Expertise Visit of EU Teaching Staff at VSUACE (Voronezh, Russia).

 April 11-13, held The Expertise Visit of EU Teaching Staff at VSUACE (Voronezh, Russia).

L. Boswell, member of the Administrative Council of EUCEET Association (European Civil Engineering Education and Training)


From 2 to 8 April, Professor L. Boswell (City University London) was with working visited the Institute of Civil Engineering of the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg.

During the visit, Professor L. Boswell visited the stakeholder's organizations - partners of the project MARUEEB Erasmus + in Yekaterinburg: " Atomstroykomplex" and "Uralproektdubrava”. The professor also took part in the meeting of the Self-Regulated organization "Association - Ural Society of Geotechnical Engineers" Stakeholders shared their opinions with respect to the Master’s Degree Program in Building Design for Sustainable Development, which is being developed at the Institute of Civil Engineering of Ural Federal University. They also expressed their wishes to the Programme structure, Elective subjects and Learning Outcomes.

Professor L. Boswell met with Academician G. Mazaev - Chairman of the Presidium and scientists of the Ural regional branch of Russia Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, where they talked about the training of specialists in the field of energy efficient construction.

V. Alekhine, A. Novikov, I. Maltseva, A.A. Antipin and other participants of MARUEEB Erasmus + project participated in working meetings with Professor L. Boswell in which they discussed the stakeholder's requirements and guidelines developed by the Master’s Degree Program in Building Design for Sustainable Development.

Kick-off meeting


  • MARUEEB wider and specific objectives;
  • MARUEEB overall work-plan, work-packages and activities;
  • Plan of the activities for the accomplishment of the work-packages of the first project year;
  • Project management and project quality control & monitoring;
  • Dissemination and sustainability of the MARUEEB results